• Engineering studies and design
  • Earthing system testing
  • Commissioning inspection and testing
  • Compliance standards

FortEng has built a strong engineering reputation in the design and testing of earthing systems for high-voltage installations. FortEng works with you to ensure your new or existing high-voltage installations comply with all necessary safety criteria to protect assets, personnel and the public. FortEng has highly developed expertise in earthing design, modelling and testing, including developing cost-effective mitigation solutions.


FortEng supports utility, industrial and mining clients with superior expertise in the following services:

Engineering studies and design

• Earthing system design using CDEGS • Fault current distribution modelling

• Lightning protection systems • Electric and magnetic fields modelling

• Low-frequency induction studies for pipelines • Risk-based analysis methods (ENA EG0)

• Insulation coordination and transient studies using EMTP software


Earthing system testing

• Generation, transmission, distribution sites • Industrial and commercial sites

• Current injection and soil resistivity testing • Auditing and incident investigations


Commissioning inspection and testing

• Current injection testing using the • Comprehensive reports of compliance or off-frequency method deficiencies, with proposed actions required

• Continuity testing to achieve compliance • Earthing system compliance inspections


Compliance standards

FortEng is able to test and model for compliance with the following standards:

• AS 2067 • AS/NZS 7000 • AS/NZS 4853 • ENA EG0 • ENA EG1 • AS/NZS 3835 • Client specific requirements


Equipment and software

FortEng owns and uses industry-leading test equipment and software:

• Red-Phase current injection set • CDEGS analytical software with all available

• Mitton Instruments current injection set modules • EMTP-RV • MATLAB


FortEng’s engineers, methodologies and equipment produce high quality test data to allow accurate representation of the performance and safety of any high-voltage installation. FortEng has proven performance with design and testing of earthing systems, from small sites up to complex interconnected systems.